Why It Is Great To Have Pig Cookers At Home

pig cookersI know that some of you may have found it hard to cook your own pig roast because it’s pretty time consuming. Starting the process with the cleaning of the pig, the marinade and the grilling, you’ll pretty much spend the whole day or more just to go about everything. Fortunately, there is already a way to roast whole pigs faster. Read this article to get to know about this cooking technique more!

The Benefits of Roasting Spit for Cooking Your Foods

Roasting is a very easy and basic cooking technique. Many cooks use this method to cook their meats around the holiday season. Food cooked in roasting spit is attractive in appearance, tasty and healthy. Roasting does not use much grease or oil, which reduces the fat and calorie content of the food.

Roasting is similar to baking, but roasting is done at higher temperatures. Roasting uses an oven’s dry heat to cook the food, whether an open flame, oven or other heat source. For roasting, the food is placed on a rack, in a roasting pan or, to ensure even application of heat may be rotated on a roasting spit. During spit roasting, all sides are cooked evenly, because hot air circulates around the meat.

Cooking pig on a spit is pretty awesome, isn’t it?! However, there are a lot of other tips and tricks that you have to be aware of. This way, you won’t burn it and guarantee its blissful perfection! By reading this article, you’ll also learn about the history of pig roasting and how it became such a popular cooking technique in various parts of the world.

What You Need To Know About Roasting A Hog

Hog cooking is an ancient tribal ritual practiced around the world. Practically every society has celebrations and ceremonies surrounding the sharing of whole a beast (see sidebar). There’s a lot of meat between rooter and tooter so that means you don’t undertake the ritual unless the whole tribe is coming.

There is no place on earth that takes hog cookery as seriously as the folks in the Carolinas. When you order “barbecue” in the eastern parts of North or South Carolina, you are usually ordering chopped meat from a whole hog, and many joints in the Southeast feature a “Pig Pickin'”, a sumptuous buffet featuring a whole hog on display. You just sidle up to the table and pluck off whatever you want. When lunch is over, there is nothing but a few bones. Even the skin is gone because, when it is cooked the way I describe below, fabulously crisp “cracklins” become an essential part of the feast.

I hope that you loved reading my blog about pig cookers. Also read about roast pig recipes to find out what marinade suits your taste! And for best results, roast your pig in a La Caja China! Get your roasting box now by calling them or visiting their website at www.LaCajaChina.com!

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Pig Roasting Menus: Delicious Sides And Appetizers For Your BBQ

pig roasting menusA pig roast is already a perfect dish in itself but we cannot disregard the fact that there are appetizers and side dishes that we can serve to make the meal more delightful! As per Cuban / Hispanic tradition, whole pig roasts are best enjoyed with black beans and rice or what we refer to as Mojos y Cristianos. Some love it with Arroz Blanco or white rice. Others are into slaw that’s made from carrots, cabbage and dressing. So I think by now you will ask about the American counterparts that you can prepare for your occasion. Lucky for you, I have found two online resources that feature delicious and easy-to-cook dishes to go with your roasted pig. Let’s check the appetizers first.

15 Simple Appetizers Your Guests Will Love

You can really WOW your holiday guests by serving a few simple and tasty appetizers before sitting down to the table. Pick just one or two of these to serve as hor d’oeuvers. Keep the portion size small (bite size), so that your guests are not too full before sitting down at the table. You could also just make several of these appetizers for a cocktail party. Many of these recipes can be made in advance, which makes life a lot less hectic on the day of your party.

It was a lovely list, wasn’t it? Corn fritters, deviled eggs, garlic bread sound like great ideas. The rest are also awesome especially the cheese platter. Although I would suggest that you minimize the number of salty food items and add more citric treats in your menu to even out the flavors. This way, you’ll have something salty, sour and sweet (dessert).  Anyway, let’s get on to the side dishes that are perfect for barbecue parties! Here’s one article from a popular cooking site you should definitely read!

5 BBQ Side Dishes 5 Ways

Upgrade your cookout with our creative recipes for potato salad, corn on the cob, coleslaw, baked beans, and pasta salad. B urgers and hot dogs may be the main attraction, but side dishes can take a summer BBQ from ordinary to outstanding. With a few extra ingredients and a little imagination, you can turn corn on the cob, potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, and baked beans into mealtime must-haves. And since many of these variations are meat-free, they’ll gain extra appreciation from vegetarian guests. So, grab your apron and get cooking—we’ll help you put a creative spin on these classic cookout recipes.

I hope that you loved these pig roasting menus I shared with you today. In case you need more tips, read this article that features how to cook a whole pig roast. And to make sure that you’ll serve the best barbecues at home, only use a La Caja China!

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Barbecue Recipes And The Famous Mojo Criollo Sauce

Finding the perfect accompaniment for your pig roast often needs something more than just a few side salads.  Having a sauce that is the perfect complimentary flavour for the meal you are serving is just as important as finding the perfect pig to roast.  One such accompaniment is a delicious marinade that you can use to delight your taste buds and your guests – the mojo criollo sauce.

Before we get started on anything else, it is pronounced mo-ho, and not mo-jo.  It is a relatively simple sauce that comesmojo criollo sauce from Central and Southern America which is loved by the Spanish and Cuban community as well.  While there are a few variations to this recipe, they generally all consist of the same ingredients: sour orange juice, fresh garlic and salt.  The beauty behind this sauce is that you can season it according to your taste, so feel free to add herbs and spices that suit you.  Some of these include paprika, cumin and black pepper.  You can also add olive oil if you are using Mojo Criollo sauce as a salad dressing, but in general when used as a marinade it isn’t necessary.

Finding sour orange juice might just be the trickiest part of the entire sauce because how often do you see sour oranges on sale?  Not often but there are a few variations that you can look for at your local green grocer.  These include Seville oranges or bigarade oranges and are usually the kind used for making marmalade.  They aren’t sweet and aren’t suitable for eating raw, but they work great for making this sauce.  Then, it is really as easy as combining all of your ingredients together to create the perfect marinade for your whole pig roast!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog today. You should try these mojo criollo barbecue recipes and Cuban bbq side dishes to give your barbecue an authentic Cuban twist!

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Preparing A Lip-Smacking China Box Menu For Your Barbecue Party

China box menuArranging a hog roast is a lot of fun.  Sharing a delicious meal with friends and family is one of our favorite past times.  We put a lot of time and effort into planning festivities during the summer months, and all of them include food.  One of the most popular ways of celebrating a special occasion is with a whole pig roast.  Not only is roasting a whole pig relatively effortless, but the food is incredible.  With the right tools for the job, you get a delectably tender piece of pork that will simply fall off the bone once it is done.  La Caja China has become the forerunner when it comes to providing the tools needed to enjoy that meat-off-the-bone succulence we all know and love.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to just roasting a whole pig.  You can surely create a delicious China box menu that will impress your loved ones. Sure, massive pig roasts are a wonderful way to celebrate with everyone present, but what about having a smaller affair?  You don’t have to reserve using your roasting box when pork is the only thing on the menu.  Sure, pork is delicious and versatile, but when you don’t need to feed an army, you don’t have to pack your roasting box away.  Enjoying a roast chicken doesn’t have to be done indoors anymore, and there are countless recipes online for a succulent chicken roast with a China box.  Now if you’ll still serve a whole hog, check out these nice suggestions from these pig roasting menus. And for all-around bbq parties, look into these delicious backyard barbecue side dishes. Yummy!

Perhaps you have a great piece of beef that you aren’t sure what to do with?  Chuck it into the china box and let it roast there while you enjoy the sunshine.  What about a gorgeous leg of lamb?  You don’t need to reserve those delights for colder months anymore when you have a La Caja China box at your disposal.  Spend some time experimenting with what you can add to your china box menu.

Looking for party ideas? Watch this video now!

Tips When Using Your Pig Roasting Box

pig roasting boxI bet that most of you grew up eating whole roasted pigs in restaurants or parties you’re invited to. But if you are a barbecue lover and you grew up in a barbecue-loving family, I would bet that a pig roast is a vital part of your traditions. For us, the lechon or the roasted pig is a consistent star of every wedding, birthday or any special occasion when the family gets together to catch up and bond. Paired with its delectable sauce and awesome side dishes, it will simply make any event memorable and enjoyable. If you are thinking about roasting a pig yourself, let me share this excerpt from a popular barbecue site I follow. And I quote,

“But before you commit, keep this in mind: It is a lot of work. If you screw up you are embarassed in front of a large crowd, and it is easy to screw up. But most importantly, keep in mind that this is not the best way to cook pork. There are lean tender muscles link the loin and tenderloin that are best at about 145°F, and tough sinewy knots of muscles like the shoulders and hams that won’t get tender until they hit 200°F or so. What you end up doing is cooking everything to the higher number and then shredding it, dousing it with sauce, mix in some crunchy skin, and have a massive pile of pulled pork.” (Read full article here.)

Apparently, roasting a whole pig is not a joke. It will not only require money from you but also need a lot of your time and energy. You’ll have to buy your pig; clean it up; prepare your marinade; inject the meat with your marinade and apply the rub; prepare your pig roasting box and start the barbecue adventure. Anyway, to ensure that you’ll roast your pig right, just follow these tips.

7 Tips For Cooking a Whole Hog

Your cooking time is going to vary depending on the size of your hog and the method you are using to smoke it… but if you are using an 80lb hog (which is what I would recommend to get started with) then it should take you approx. 8-10 hours at about 250 degrees if you stay about 12″ away from the heat source. You don’t want to be too close – and you don’t want to be too far away.

I hope that these tips help you on how to properly use your pig roasting box. To ensure that you’ll roast fresh pig, read this pig buying guide. And if you still don’t have a roaster, get one from www.LaCajaChina.com!

Easy Herbed Chicken Thigh Recipe Any Food Lover Should Try

Roasted ChickenWho doesn’t love the smell of chicken on a BBQ? No one, that’s who! Chicken has become a staple on the menu whenever we start the grill, and it’s easy to see why. It’s tasty, healthy and really easy to cook!

As easy and tasty as chicken is, it can get a little bit boring if we don’t shake things up a bit come dinner time, and that’s why we have to get creative in the kitchen.

That doesn’t mean that we need to start shelling out on expensive ingredients either, there are countless ways to dress up a good chicken thigh, and not break the bank!

A staple favorite come Cook Out season is Herb Grilled Chicken Thighs, which is so easy to make and really delicious too! But, while everyone knows how to marinade chicken thighs, they’ll be blown away by your version of this firm favorite! While there are many versions of this recipe, mine is a little bit different.

Firstly, I like to let the chicken soak for at least 24 hours cooking. This lets them really absorb all of those gorgeous herbs! Here is what you’ll need:
• 8 to 10 Chicken Thighs
• 2 tablespoons of black pepper
• 2 tablespoons of salt
• 1/8 cup of fresh thyme leaves
• 1/8 cup of oregano
• ¼ cup of fresh rosemary
• ½ cup of whole sage
• 5 big garlic cloves
• ½ cup of olive oil
• 1 cup of cider vinegar
• 1 egg

• Mash garlic into a paste with a fork. You want your garlic reduced to almost a paste.
• Remove the stems from all of the herbs, and chop them up finely. You should have half a cup when they’re all chopped up.
• Using a stainless steel container and mix the olive oil, vinegar, egg, salt and pepper together.
• Whisk the garlic and herbs into your liquid mixture.
• Place your chicken thighs into the marinade and seal it up well. You’re going to leave it in the refrigerator for the next 24 hours.
• After 24 hours, get your grill ready and make sure that the grates are oiled up.
• Place the chicken on the grates, skin side down.
• Total cook time is 8 to 10 minutes a side, so keep an eye on your chicken thighs.
• Let them rest for a few minutes before watching everyone devour them!

If there are any leftovers, they taste just as great cold!

You can also use a La Caja China roaster to grill several packs of whole chicken. Watch this video to find out how!

Tips On Cooking Prime Rib On The Grill

cooking prime ribThey say that once you have mastered the art of cooking ribs on the grill, you are already a champion. According to expert chefs, ribs are a little bit too complicated to cook because while one would want to see a crusty outside, the inside should still remain moist, juicy and flavorful. With that being said, I want to dedicate my blog for today to sharing valuable tips that will help you in cooking prime rib perfectly!

  1. Only cook fresh ribs. You have to buy your meat from a trusted grocery store or butcher. The meat should have been inspected and must have the freshness seal. This way, you’re sure that you won’t have upset stomachs in the end.
  2. While some people love cooking ribs with only salt and pepper to season them, I must say that a delicious marinade won’t hurt. After all, we love our roasts oozing with flavorful goodness. It is also recommended to marinate your meat overnight to make it even more delectable.
  3. If you’ll marinade your meat and keep it in the fridge, make sure that you’ll let it sit at room temperature first before grilling. Two hours is enough for this task.
  4. Smoking ribs is definitely a YES! You may use apple, mesquite, cherry and many other wood chips for this. There are also available smoker pistols in the market.
  5. Let your prime rib cook until the internal temperature you prefer is reached. For best results, serve it medium rare.
  6. Once your meat is done, don’t carve it yet. Let it sit for 20 minutes to allow its juices to come back into its meaty fibers.

Just follow these tips on cooking prime rib and you’ll surely make your loved ones ask for more! Just to make sure you’re cooking fresh meat, check out this beef buyers guide. And remember, to get the best results, only use La Caja China for barbecuing!

Learn how to slow-roast prime rib. Watch this video from CHOW now.